Fix: ‘Windows Will Expire Soon’ Popup on Windows 11

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  • September 22, 2022

If you’ve been using Windows 11 and you’ve seen the popup that says “Windows will expire soon”, don’t worry – you can fix it. This is a common problem that many users have, and it’s easy to fix. Here’s how:

First, open the Control Panel. You can do this by pressing the Windows key + R, typing “control panel” into the Run dialog, and pressing Enter.

Next, click on “System and Security”.

Then, click on “Security and Maintenance”.

Under the “Security” section, you’ll see a message that says “Windows will expire soon”. Click on the “Change settings” link.

Finally, uncheck the box next to “Turn on real-time protection”.

That’s it! Once you’ve done this, the popup will no longer appear.

Fix: ‘Windows Will Expire Soon’ Popup on Windows 11

What is the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup?

The ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup is a message that appears on some versions of the Windows operating system. The message says that the user’s copy of Windows will expire soon and they need to enter a valid product key to continue using the software. The popup can appear at random times and is often accompanied by a countdown timer.

The message is a scam that is used to trick people into buying a new copy of Windows or a fake product key. The message is not from Microsoft and the user’s copy of Windows will not actually expire. The scammer is hoping that the user will panic and enter their credit card information or download a malicious program that will infect their computer.

If you see the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup, do not enter any information into it. Close the message and continue using Windows as normal.

How to fix the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup

If you are seeing a popup that says ‘Windows will expire soon’, it is most likely because your Windows license is about to expire. To fix this, you will need to renew your license.

To renew your license, you will need to go to the Microsoft Store and purchase a new license. Once you have done this, you will need to enter the new license key into your system.

To do this, go to the ‘Control Panel’ and then ‘System and Security’. From here, click on ‘System’ and then go to the ‘Activate Windows’ tab. Enter your new license key here and then click on ‘Activate’.

Your ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup should now be gone.

Other methods to stop the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup

If you are still getting the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup even after following the above steps, there are a few other things you can try.

First, try restarting your computer. This may sound like a simple solution, but sometimes restarting your computer can fix unexpected errors and stop unwanted popups from appearing.

If restarting your computer doesn’t work, you can try running a virus scan. Virus programs can sometimes cause unwanted popups to appear, so running a scan can help to remove any malicious software that may be causing the problem.

You can also try resetting your Windows settings. This will restore your Windows settings to their default values, which may fix the issue with the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup. To reset your Windows settings, go to the ‘Start’ menu and type ‘Reset’ into the search box. Then, click on the ‘Reset this PC’ option and follow the prompts.

If you’re still seeing the ‘Windows will expire soon’ popup, there may be an issue with your Windows license. You can try contacting Microsoft support for help with this issue.


The Windows “Will Expire Soon” popup is a annoying reminder that Microsoft includes with the Windows operating system. The popup typically appears when you have not logged into your Microsoft account for a while, or when your computer’s clock is not set correctly. There are a few ways to fix this popup, including signing into your Microsoft account, setting your computer’s clock correctly, or running the Windows Activation troubleshooter.

Fix: ‘Windows Will Expire Soon’ Popup on Windows 11

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